Rockfish produces music and sound design for corporate videos, documentaries, art projects and other multimedia productions. Our aim is to amplify the message and breathe life into these projects by creating distinct musical atmospheres. Click the stills below to check out some projects.

Our aim is to amplify the message of and breathe life into these productions by creating distinct musical atmospheres

Soundtrack 3D presentation new Philips Logo

Soundtrack 3D Motion Graphics NuFormer – Starbucks (music only)

NuFormer – Mocap Mapping

NuFormer – Mocap (music only)

Creative Amsterdam

MSN Live Messenger 1

MSN Live Messenger 2

Philips – Wake-up Light

Bring The Spring – Festival

Game Pitch

Het Grote Verlies van het Kleine Wijk

Goedemorgen Souterrain

Crooked Line – Protectio Globus



Louis Braille – MuZIEm Nijmegen


Leaders, Jingles, Bumpers & Teasers

Making tracks for Friesland Campina